13 September 2023

2023年世界性健康日:Unlocking Empowerment Breaking the Taboo青躍慈善夜!

“Become our Teen's Key ambassador and empower young women in need! ”


  • Gain insights from our esteemed guest speakers as they share personal stories and actionable strategies on empowering young women to take control of their sexual health and well-being
  • Engage in meaningful sharing and expand your network alongside like-minded individuals who are passionate about driving positive societal change

Have you ever heard of World Sexual Health Day? It’s held annually on September 4th to raise awareness about sexual well-being! This year’s theme is consent. To commemorate the day and break the taboos surrounding women’s sexual well-being and awareness, we organized a transformative event that encouraged individuals of all genders to come together for sharing, learning, and networking. We are thankful to the British Consulate-General Hong Kong and Clifford Chance for their sponsorship, which made the event possible. It was an incredible experience dedicated to unlocking empowerment and fostering a world where women’s sexual well-being is celebrated and embraced.


We are delighted that the event was successful before the storm hit, and we would like to express our gratitude to all the guests for their presence. We hope that everyone had a wonderful time! To relive the evening, please check out the photo album here: https://youtu.be/LId3ntPGd3g

Guests immersed themselves in thought-provoking artworks from Claudia ChanhoiKaren Chankalun and Marissa Reyes Beckmann that explore the struggles of teen girls with sexual taboos and gender identity. All proceeds from the event will directly benefit Teen’s Key Hong Kong, a vital charity dedicated to supporting young women in unleashing their potential and making informed choices towards gender equity.

Claudia Chanhoi, an illustration artist and TED speaker, as well as a Teen’s Key ambassador, highlighted the lack of open and positive discussions about sex and the limited opportunities for young people to receive honest and healthy sex education. By “unlocking the mystery box,” she believes that sex will no longer be a mystery. Claudia hopes that the community can normalize taboo subjects, leading to sexual empowerment and fostering a healthy relationship with our bodies, including our private parts.


Karen Chankalun, a female neon artist and Teen’s Key ambassador, mentioned her conversations with some of the young girls from Teen’s Key, where she became aware of the lack of confidence they may have in their bodies. Her artwork aims to encourage self-acceptance, helping individuals find confidence and value regardless of their shape. Promoting body positivity is a significant aspect of her work, which aligns with Teen’s Key’s mental well-being development program. Through our collaborations, we hope to inspire and build body confidence in young women in Hong Kong, regardless of the different physical stages they may be experiencing.


Marissa Reyes Beckmann, a graphic designer and photographer, first encountered Teen’s Key at “Hong Kong Included,” an exhibition by Hong Kong Shifts, in January. Intrigued by the photos, she delved into learning about Teen’s Key and their impactful work. Marissa believes that education is one of the most valuable keys we can possess and provide to younger generations. She recognizes the passion and commitment that Teen’s Key demonstrates in their education efforts for girls and young women, as well  as their role as a support system in various aspects of their lives.

We are grateful to have had the participation of our Teen’s Key girls in the event, as they shared their stories of resilience as well as their art exploration journey with the British Consulate-General Hong Kong and all the guests who attended. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with all of you for our year-end initiatives and those planned for 2024!

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