We are currently seeking passionate and skilled professionals to volunteer with us!

Current skill sets in need:

  • Gynecologists, dermatologists. venereologist,  psychologists, psychiatrists and other sexual health professionals 
  • Content translation (Traditional Chinese and English)
  • Web design, graphic design and IT
  • PR and social impact project management
  • General administration, legal and accounting

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Our donors are the foundation of Teen’s Key – your generosity supports our programs to create lasting impact in Hong Kong. We strive to be financially accountable and transparent to our donors.

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We also offer customized packages for our corporate donors,
including opportunities to volunteer, engage your team, and
participate in Teen’s Key events.

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Work with us

Help us create a brighter future & better Hong Kong
for all young women!

🆕[𝙒𝙚’𝙧𝙚 𝙝𝙞𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜]

項目經理(助理社會工作主任)/ 項目幹事(社會工作助理)/ 助理項目幹事(高級外展工作員)


  1. 主要負責推行邊緣青少女外展項目,包括:網上外展工作、熱線服務、性健康檢查服務、個案工作及小組工作
  2. 需要與服務使用者及合作夥伴聯繫
  3. 支援同事及其他指派的工作
  4. (項目經理) 督導項目工作團隊


  • 星期一至五:上午9時30分至下午6時30分
  • 每天工作9小時,每週工作45小時
  • 如有特別活動亦需於星期六或日工作