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We greatly appreciate your support and are delighted to offer you and your team the potential visibility and benefits as part of your commitment to Teen’s Key. For more information, please contact Rachel Chow at rachelchow@teenskey.org
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‘Embrace Your True Beauty’ Photo Shoot

Collaborated with Agape Beauty, we launched a charitable photo shooting campaign to embrace young women’s true beauty. Few of our young mothers got their first-time professional photo-shooting in life. All the donations raised have been allocated for our program development.

Lunch & Learn for ‘Good Cause’

Collaborated with Insider to celebrate the month of March from International Women’s Day, we are so grateful to be the sole beneficiary organization on ‘The Unwritten Rules of Net New Human Behaviours’ luncheon event. We unwind and bond through valuable exchanges in an inspiring couple of hours, with a group of women who truly inspire other women, and share our works & young women’s stories in the journey towards gender equality.

‘Life exploration’ One Day Experience

Collaborated with MAC Cosmetics, we had a fun & inspiring Christmas party with a group of Hong Kong MAC makeup artists and staff. Makeup sessions and career exploration one-day experience was an awesomely memorable experience for all our beneficiaries. The donation raised in the event has been allocated for supporting our young women & girls living.

‘Walk The Talk’ Wellness Challenge

We’re more than welcome to collaborate with various workshops & challenges with partners to raise funds & resources for vulnerable young women and girls and arouse awareness of women’s health in society. Challenge themes help make ordinary wellness challenges extraordinary by engaging participants in fun and interesting topics along their wellness journey. Mindfulness challenge, nutrition ambition challenge, wealth challenge, resilience challenge, sexual health knowledge challenge… we welcome any new idea as long as we can spread the good vibe & wellness vision together!


‘Give Back @ Thanksgiving Season’ Exclusive Charity Collection

To give local grassroots young women a way out of their situations, the Cakery donated the exclusive Christmas Hamper and Christmas Cookie set sales to support Teen’s Key Hong Kong.​ Young women we are supporting are at a point in their lives where they can change their direction; they can gain skills, confidence, and learn to make decisions that are good for their future. Invite your beloved teams & loyal customers and make a bigger difference today!

‘Women Empower Young Women’ Financial Mentorship Series

It is the pilot young women empowerment mentorship program embedded with financial literacy training and peer-mentor sharing sessions with the support of EY. The idea of ‘women empowering young women’ means more than solid skill set training, we emphasize judgment-free sharing about money value, daily behind the scene financial challenges, explore the way out & tips, and empower young women to speak out their financial concerns with partners/ family and kick off better financial plans.

‘Ignite your SELF again’ Unbox Mooncake Campaign

Amplify our influence for social good during Mid-Autumn Festival! From ideation to production, UNBOX is 100% made in Hong Kong. Collaborated with design team One Bite Design, UNBOX Kidulthood extends the companionship to minorities in our community. The UNBOX Kidulthood comes with the Mooncake Duet and Greek Mountain Tea. Not only does it financially support Teen’s Key, but also raisess public awareness on the ups and downs of young women through our conversation cards. The walnut box is hand-made jointly by local makers Taozi Creates. #vulnerabilitycanbestrength #treasureyourself

“New Launch New Beginnings” Product launch with charity

Collaborated with Tea Project HK, we shared with the participants about young women’s stories in the Tea Launch Party, including the challenges they face and crisis intervention we provide. We bring real stories of local young women and demonstrate their positivity and resilience, hoping to clear stereotypes and stigmas on the vulnerables of the community. Additionally, encourage the public to embrace and support our young women & girls. 

‘SWAPARTY 2022’ A Second Life for Old Clothes

To encourage environmentally-friendly moves and empower young women through recycling activities, we, in collaboration with Lee Gardens Association, have held a swap party and a series of charity workshops to give the old clothes a second life. Not only can young women explore their potential by stretching their creativity and fashion sense in our workshops, but taking part in reducing textile waste is also a way to show young women’s capability in making a positive impact to our community. 

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