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There are a few non-profit organizations in Hong Kong that provide help to “traditional” adult female sex workers. However, there is a lack of support for those workers who are specifically under 25 years old and/or in their early teens. Teen’s Key was founded to fill this gap and provide holistic support specifically for young women and mothers who are under 25 years of age and/or who work in sex industry.
out of 4
student report sexual harassment
yet rarely seek help
of the 150 girls left sex industry
and had new job experience
sexuality & consent
educational classes
& pregnancy tests

The next generation of young women are our future. We believe every young woman deserves access to information and care for their sexual and reproductive health, and we want to help all young women – no matter their circumstances – find the support and empowerment they need to build the next phase of their lives.

The next generation of
young women are our future