Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


  1. We, Teen’s Key – Young Women Development Network Limited (‘Teen’s Key’, ‘we’,  ‘us’ or other derivatives thereof) shall at all times comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) (‘the Ordinance’).  For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the term Personal Data refers to any data from which it is practicable for the identity of the individual to be directly or indirectly ascertained and in a form in which access to or processing of the data is practicable.
  2. We make this statement to notify you:
    1. How and why personal data is collected;
    2. How it will be used and safeguarded; and
    3. To whom data access requests are to be addressed.
  3. In order to preserve the confidentiality of all personal data you provide to us, Teen’s Key maintains the following privacy principles:
    1. We only collect your personal data that we believe to be necessary and required to provide our services;
    2. We may pass your personal data to other companies or our agents where necessary and as permitted by applicable law in order to provide relevant services and for the effective operations of Teen’s Key. We will not disclose your personal data to any external organization unless we have your consent, are required to do so by applicable law or have previously informed you that we will do so.   Whilst Teen’s Key is committed to our policy of confidentiality, there may be rare instances where confidentiality cannot be maintained because the CEO (or another senior official with the authority to make such determination) determines that a) there is a serious and immediate risk of harm to the data subject or others, or b) an individual discloses details of his or her involvement, or a third party’s involvement, in child abuse. We may be required, from time to time, to disclose your personal data to Governmental or judicial bodies or agencies or our regulators; where permitted (e.g., with regard to our legal and confidential obligations) we will use reasonable efforts to notify you of such disclosure;
    3. We strive to keep your personal data on our records accurate and up-to-date, and not keep personal data for longer than is necessary to fulfil the purpose for which it is used;
    4. We maintain strict security systems designed to prevent unauthorized access to your personal data by anyone, including our staff; and
    5. All our staff and all third parties with permitted access to your personal information are specifically required to observe our confidentiality obligations.

Data Collection, Use and Retention

  1. We may collect your personal data when you register to utilize our services, attend our events or meetings with us, make donations to us, register to receive our Newsletter or other marketing communications or to act as a volunteer, or when making contact through our website.
  2. The personal data collected may include your name, email address, contact details and other data. Data will only be collected to the extent necessary to provide our services.
  3. We may use your personal data in connection with various matters, including but not limited to: provision of services for online donations; provision of related payment services; provision of social work and counselling services; assistance in accessing healthcare, social services and legal advice; provision of shelter food and supplies; verification of your identity in connection with any transactions; provision of marketing services; and/or compliance with applicable laws or guidelines issued by regulatory or other authorities. We may be unable to provide you with our services if you fail to supply such personal data.
  4. We may provide your personal data to any of our suppliers, agents, contractors or third party service providers (each a ‘Service Provider’), in each case, who provides administrative, telecommunications, computer, payment, debt collection or securities clearing, marketing or other services to Teen’s Key in connection with Teen’s Key’ operations. We may also provide your personal data to any other person under a duty of confidentiality to Teen’s Key (together with Service Providers, ‘Third Parties’).
  5. When providing your personal data to Third Parties, we will:
    1. Only provide the information necessary and required to provide the service or services for which the relevant Third Party was responsible for;
    2. On the understanding that Third Parties may only use your personal data for the exact purposes specified by us; and
    3. Take reasonable steps to ensure that Third Parties respect and protect your data privacy and that your data will be deleted or rendered anonymous if we stop using their services.
  6. Your visit to this website will record the server information including IP address and the pages visited. Such information will be used to prepare aggregate information about the number of visitors to this Website and general statistics on usage patterns of this Website. Your visit to this Website will be recorded anonymously and, unless specified otherwise, we will not collect any personal information that identifies a visitor to this Website.

Your Rights

  1. In accordance with the Ordinance, you have the right to:
    1. Require Teen’s Key to correct any data relating to you which is inaccurate;
    2. Request access to and correction of your personal data: and
    3. Withdraw your consent for Teen’s Key to use your personal data.
  2. Should you wish to withdraw your consent or make a data access or correction request, please contact the Data Protection Officer by email at
  3. Your right of access includes the right to obtain a copy of your personal data provided in the enquiry subject to payment of a direct and necessary fee at such rate as shall be determined by Teen’s Key.


If you have any enquiries about Teen’s Key privacy policy and practices, please contact:
Data Protection Officer
Teen’s Key – Young Women Development Network

Tel: 2302-0068