15 September 2023

A Rejuvenating Escape: The Annual Autumn Festival Returning in October Yi O x Teen’s Key presents – The 2nd Charity Autumn Harvest Festival

“Support young women to unlock new beginnings in the journey of discovering self-worth with and reinterpret the beauty of life at YiO”


  • Embrace the scenic views of the Lantau Island and immerse yourselves in 5 different experiences presented by over 30 partners
  • Outdoor Cooking expert David tailor-makes a special menu using authentic local ingredients
  • Early bird discount tickets are now available, offering discounts of up to 60%
  • Unlock new beginnings together on a self-discovery journey with nature and harvest

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Hong Kong, 15th September, 2023 – As we enter the fall harvest, let’s make most of this year’s bountiful crops of this year – not just in farms, but also in our life! The first recognized young women-led charitable organization Teen’s Key Hong Kong collaborates with social enterprise Yi O Agricultural Cooperation once again to support the growth of young women in the local community and join hands to promote the local agricultural development, following the success of the inaugural Charity Autumn Harvest Festival last year. This year, the two will be partnering with David Lai, the outdoor cooking expert and founder of D&E Outdoor, to host the 2nd Yi O x Teen’s Key Charity Autumn Harvest Festival on 28-29th October. 


The Charity Autumn Harvest Festival aims to evoke your mind, body and senses through a series of immersive body education events inspired by nature. Bringing together more than 30 partners, you will be able to immerse yourself in 5 authentic artistic and creative experiences, including interactive agricultural workshops, hands-on harvest tours, mind-body healing and relaxation sessions, harvest market, and storytelling sessions. Set against the beautiful scenery of Lantau Island, busy urban dwellers will get the chance to interact with nature and experience the joy of a bountiful harvest, rejuvenating your body, mind, and soul, and more importantly, to foster a deeper connection with yourself surrounded by the mother Earth without the constraints of age and gender.


Inclusive of all ages, you can opt for a single-day event to experience the series of activities, providing a wonderful opportunity for you, family and friends to come together and create cherished memories filled with joy and warmth. The proceeds from the event will be used to support the on-going community work of Teen’s Key as the funding for underprivileged young girls in the local communities after deducting the expenses. Let’s celebrate the fall harvest together and get inspired by the local young girls’ growth stories. Visit Eventbrite website (https://bit.ly/3Em1KgO) for more details!  Participants can enjoy discounted early bird tickets starting from today until September 30th, with discounts up to 60% off. Each ticket will also come with two selected seasonal agricultural products from Yi O and Teen’s Key handcrafted souvenir. Seize the opportunity and get your tickets now!


Support young female to unlock new beginnings in the journey of discovering self-worth with Teen’s Key and reinterpret the beauty of life with Yi O Agricultural Cooperation

Established in 2011, Teen’s Key Hong Kong is the first recognized young women-led charitable institution with a mission to support young women in facing challenges in their life journey from all backgrounds and circumstances by providing a safe space and comprehensive services. As we enter a new chapter of 12th anniversary, with the vision of Unlock New Beginnings, Teen’s Key will continue to support young girls in the journey of rediscovering self-worth, and embracing the possibility of living a fruitful and meaningful life. 


In 2022, Teen’s Key had the opportunity to work with Yi O Agriculture Cooperation which also shares the similar values of unlocking new beginnings. Yi O Agriculture Cooperation is dedicated to reviving local agriculture through the recultivation program, where the public can have a better understanding of local agriculture through first-hand farming experience in various agricultural and eco-friendly workshops. With a shared purpose, the two co-hosted the inaugural 2-day event “ Yi O x Teen’s Key Good Girl Charity Autumn Harvest Festival” with huge success. The event featured over 20 workshops and performances presented by more than 10 partners, receiving positive feedback from over 100 participants. This year, the Charity Autumn Harvest Festival will return to Lantau Island with more exciting collaborations, namely the David Lai, the outdoor cooking expert and founder of D&E Outdoor and over 30 partners to offer a series of diverse activities where the public can re-learn about themselves, thus building body positivity and self-awareness. 


Embrace the scenic views of the Lantau Island and awaken your senses through 5 different experiences presented by over 30 partners in the 2nd Charity Autumn Harvest Festival 

The 2nd Charity Autumn Harvest Festival revolves around sensory experiences with the goal of encouraging urbanites to slow down the pace of life, rediscover the five senses and observe from the inside while surrounded by nature. Gathering over 30 partners, the public can take part in a series of creative cultural activities under different themes with dedicated sensations, from interactive agricultural workshops, hands-on harvest tours to tasting a curated menu made with local harvest. You should not miss the opportunity to forgo the barriers of age and gender labels and build a meaningful connection with yourself through body positivity.


The 2nd Charity Autumn Harvest Festival Activity Highlights

  • Fall Harvest Market | Sense: Eye (Discover)The Fall Harvest Festival features various artsy products for charity sales in order to raise the public awareness towards unprivileged young women in Hong Kong. Limited edition bamboo aroma candle handcrafted by Teen’s Key girls, neon-light themed tote bags designed by neon light female artist chankalun, as well as limited edition charity t-shirts created by Claudia Chanhoi. Take a moment to observe the people and things happening round you in the market. What do all these mean to you? Invest some time and efforts to explore the meaning of life. That’s the moment when you discover their values. 
  • Body Movement Festival | Sense: Nose (Breathe)Teen’s Key girls and the body movement instructor Juliana will take the lead and guide you to move your body in the field by imagining yourself becoming a seed of life. Have a conversation with your body by immersing yourself in the music and rhythm, dancing around and sweating out the toxins. Showcase your confidence and resilience as you choose to embark on a journey towards a bright future.  
  • One-day Farming Experience | Sense: Leg (Footprint)As the harvest season, Autumn is the best time for a rural experience where you will be surrounded by the golden fields over a blue sky. Have a conversation with the mother Earth and appreciate the hard work of farmers through picking the seasonal fruits like hibiscus flowers and herbs, as well as a series of hands-on farming experiences like fertilizing, seeding and weeding.
  • Harvest Meditation | Sense: Heart (Feeling)As the end of the year is approaching, have you made some space and time for yourself amidst the hustle and bustle? Are you at the turning point in your life? Make use of this opportunity to take a break at the Festival, allowing yourself to recharge and take in abundant positive energy to heal your soul and mind.
  • Outdoor Food Truck | Sense: Tongue (Taste)David Lai, the outdoor cooking expert who has been using the simplest method for cooking – firewood in the past nine years. This year, he is invited to host the Outdoor Food Truck and curate a limited-edition menu for the event, using authentic local ingredients and the plant-based meat Impossible Foods as well as other organic products sourced from local brands. The Hong Kong cocktail brands Drink La and Glass Gardener will also serve handcrafted cocktails and locally brewed beverages. Indulge yourself in a feast made with local ingredients!


The 2nd Charity Autumn Harvest Festival Event Details

Eventbrite Ticketing: https://www.eventbrite.hk/e/20231028-29-x-yi-o-x-teens-key-charity-autumn-harvest-fest-tickets-666601311467?aff=oddtdtcreator

Date: 28th-29th October, 2023

Venue: Yi O Village, Lantau Island

Time: 10am – 6pm

*Each ticket includes

  • a plant-based meal with selected ingredients at Yi O
  • Complimentary Souvenir: Yi O’s selected seasonal products and Teen’s Key Empowering Girls’ Handcrafted Souvenirs
  • Free shuttle bus from Tung Chung to Tai O
  • Free shuttle boat ride between Tai O and Yi O at set times

Transportation (*actual departure times may vary on the day of event):

  • Free shuttle bus from Tung Chung to Tai O | Departure from Tai O: 8:30, 8:45
  • Free shuttle boat ride between Tai O and Yi O
    • Set times:
      • Departure from Tai.O: 10:00, 10:15
      • Departure from Yi O: 17:30, 18:00
      • *You will have to arrange own transportation or walk back to Tai O after 6pm (45 mins walk)

Important Information:

  1. In case of adverse weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances, the event may be postponed to 9th-10th December 2023, to be determined.
  2. Yi O is located between Tai O and the Fen Lau, and can only be accessed by walking along the coastal cement path (approximately 50 minutes one way) or by taking a boat (approximately 7 minutes one way). Boat schedules are subject to tidal conditions and weather, so please take note of the actual tidal conditions and weather on the day if you choose to take the boat.
  3. From the city, take the No. 11 bus from Tung Chung to Tai O. The ride takes about 50 minutes, with buses departing every 15-20 minutes. It is recommended to board the bus at the covered bus terminal in Tung Chung to ensure a seat. Please allow extra waiting time on weekends and holidays when it is crowded.
  4. All proceeds from this event, after deducting expenses, will be used to support the operation of Teen’s Key Hong Kong.
  5. The organizer reserves the right of final decision.



F&B Sponsors: Drink La | Full Nature | Glass Gardener | Impossible Foods

Transport Sponsor: 愛的家

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