Limited Charity Tee

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Breaking traditional taboos, to bring back sex and women health discussion into the modern world with humour and sarcasm artworks

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Product Story

The Teen’s Key x Claudia Chanhoi limited-edition charity Tee features eye-catching colorful cartoon-based images. You could probably relate the two eye-catching mysterious plants with male (penis) and female (vagina) by a glance. Inspired by the ironic discourse of sex education in the modern world, sex has been considered as taboo and being avoided in discussion like being in a forest full of mysterious plants, visible but not mentionable.

Claudia’s work is loud, with bright colors and sharp lines. There is always a simple message or a lighthearted joke behind her illustration. She hope the public can unlock the mystery of sex education, break the taboos and make the forest of mystery no longer mysterious. At the same time, she hopes that Teen’s Key will bring a new beginning to the new generation and the public so we can speak openly about sex with no shame, honest and positive attitude, and to help young generation to make healthier choices about sex and their overall well being in the foreseeable future.


About the Artist

Claudia Chanhoi, whose work focuses on gender issues and women’s sexuality, she is an artist in the field of feminism in Hong Kong. Claudia expresses taboo topics in a light and ironic way. Most of the works use bright colors as the main theme and she hopes the public can think with an open mind when they face social issues.

Additional Information

Size – Length/Chest breadth

XS: 63cm/44cm

S: 66cm/47cm

M: 69cm/50cm

L: 72cm/53cm

XL: 74cm/56cm


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