*Donate HKD100 & Get a FREE Teen’s Key FRAKTA Carrier Bag

A stylish and eye-catching waterproof carrier bag is a must for any beach date this summer.


Product Story

“🎵~Hot Summer, Oh~ Hot Hot Summer ~🎶~”! The Teen’s Key team has designed a waterproof carrier bag that is unique and highly practical. The bag can be folded flat for easy storage, taking up minimal space. Whether going for a swim, doing laundry, or shopping, it’s convenient to carry along.

The carrier bag is made from recycled plastic and can be cleaned with plain water for repeated use. By using this bag, not only can you reduce the consumption of raw materials, but you can also give a new life to existing materials. Moreover, the carrier bag can be used for sorting and recycling materials, contributing to protecting the environment.

< Material >

Handle: 100% Nylon

Base Material: 100% Polypropylene


< Care Instructions >

Do not use the washing machine 

Do not use bleach.

Do not iron.

Do not dry clean.

Clean with a damp cloth using plain water.


< Dimensions (when unfolded) >

Height: about 39cm

Length: about 41cm

Width: about 15cm

Strap Length: about 30cm


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