30 April 2022

Teen’s Key April Newsletter

💻👩🏻🫂COVID-19 Stress Relief Workshops for vulnerable young women & girls

Not only the anti-pandemic pack distributions, with the emergency funding support, Teen’s Key is able to tailor make series of fun-yet-educational stress relief workshops for our young women & girls. Many of our high risk girls working in the sex industry, pregnant teens, young moms have joined us! Through virtual oversea travelling, online dinner gathering, IG live talk about communication stress & etc, we hope to create a break time & positive vibe to ease girls’ pressure, same time to encourage them supporting each others in the hard time via peer-sharing at our judgement-free platform. This could be as simple as sending a Mother’s Day Charity Gift Card or making a donation to our at-risk young women & girls here. Click ‘Take Action’ for more options. Take Action

🙌🏻👯‍♀️ Provide a mental health-friendly workplace

All Teen’s Key staff especially our frontline teammates are always the greatest resources. The team has never loose the compassion to promote a truly inclusive community for young women & girls to thrive! To recognize and honor all our unsung heroes, all readers, please join us to say thank you to all frontline workers for their selfless service! To further promote mental well-being at workplace for our valuable teammates, Teen’s Key has organized stretching sessions, online team hotpot with girls (etc) in April to encourage a positive & joyful work vibe. Do you know? We’ve been nominated as one of the Mental Health Friendly Organizations in Hong Kong! If you want to join us & learn more how can we co-create a better workplace environment in the NGO sector together, contact us via info@teenskey.org !

👀🏠 Never neglect at-risk young women needs in the upcoming months

Though the society is recovering from the pandemic, we foresee our young women & girls would still be in critical period over the upcoming 3-4 months. Those unemployed teen girls (as well as their partners or parents) take time to find new jobs; those young moms are frustrated on how to work/ earn extra resources & equipment for kids’ class resumption under the high living costs…To embrace & support our young women & girls better, Teen’s Key service hub is resuming from packing workshop back to a comfy space and our in-person counselling & anonymous STD test service is back to service! Here urges you to join our empowerment movement, support our young women & girls walk through the unprecedented challenges together. Support Us

🔍😆 Teen’s Key Internship open for applications!

We are hiring ‘Young Women Empowerment Ambassador’ interns. If you’re passionate about sexual reproductive health and would like to get hands-on experience in working in a local young women frontline charity, join Teen’s Key internship programme. Please send us CV and portfolio to info@teenskey.org ! Requirements:

  • Passionate and familiar with social media, help to draft publicity materials for      placement in different traditional and social media, e.g. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in both written and spoken Chinese and English.
  • Previous experience in producing marketing materials, writing website (wordpress), video making, graphic design & photography are preferred.
  • Proficiency in MS office application, with knowledge in Adobe Photoshop, Canva, design is an advantage.
“Teen's Key has been nominated as one of the Mental Health Friendly Organizations in Hong Kong!”
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