31 May 2022

Teen’s Key May Newsletter

Teen’s Key Stresses Conceptive Autonomy Education and Dual Protection

From 2010 to 2014, 44% of pregnancies worldwide were accidental[1], and 60% of such pregnancies ended with abortion in Southeast Asia (59-62% in Southeast and Central Asia [2&3]).

According to a 2021 report by the United Nations Population Fund, the pandemic blocked access to contraceptive services for an average of 3.6 months, resulting in 1.4 million undesired pregnancies in more than 100 countries [4].

In Hong Kong, “assistance cases related to unintended pregnancies have tripled since 2020 and have risen. It is crucial to remind both men and women of the importance of ‘dual protection’, for a moment of negligence may change a young pregnant woman’s life forever,” states Ms Carey Choi, Programme Assistant Manager & Professional Sexuality Educator from Teen’s Key Hong Kong, a local non-profit organization providing girls and young women with all-rounded sexuality and reproductive health education.

According to Choi, Teen’s Key received an average of 5-6 cases of unintended pregnancy calls per month, but the number rose threefold since 2020 to about 20 cases per month for two years, showing no signs of slowing down.

“Many girls know safe contraception is crucial, but because of fluke mentality and to satisfy their partners, they do not use condoms throughout the entire sexual intercourse, or even no condoms at all.” Most young people learn about other contraceptive methods besides condoms from peers, social media and online forums, but what they receive is not always accurate. According to Choi, some girls thought “seven days before and after” and the “withdrawal method” were adequate contraceptive measures.

“They have false wishes for a fluke, and after a few times of sheer luck, they were convinced that they wouldn’t ‘hit the jackpot’.” – Carey, Teen’s Key Certified Sex Educator

Carey also shared a case where a young girl discovered her pregnancy on the eve of the DSE exam. Read more.

[1] Bearak, J., Popinchalk, A., Alkerma, L., Sedgh, G., (2018). Global, regional, and subregional Trends in Unintended Pregnancy and its Outcomes from 1990 to 2014: Estimates from a Bayesian Hierarchical Model. 2&3 The Lancet, Volume 6, Issue 4, PE380-E389; Bearak J et al., Unintended pregnancy and abortion by income, region, and the legal status of abortion: estimates from a comprehensive model for 1990–2019, Lancet Global Health, 2020, 8(9) Singh, S., G. Sedgh, et al. (2010). Unintended pregnancy: worldwide levels, trends, and outcomes.4 UN: Pandemic Blocked Access to Birth Control in 115 Low- and Medium-Income Countries https://www.voanews.com/a/covid-19-pandemic_un-pandemic-blocked-access-birth-control-115-low-andmedium-income-countries/6203209.html (date of access 4 Apr 2022)

Are They Being Neglected?

May is the Mental Health Awareness Month. Our current girls’ survey demonstrated the strong links between loneliness and mental health being. 1 out of 4 high risk young women & girls feeling lonely and losing appetite all the time. 70% of them revealed their high inclination of stress levels.

We weren’t all affected equally by the lockdown. People at greater risk of loneliness prior to the pandemic were hit harder. We also figure out those risk factors, including living alone, unemployment, uneducated, being a full time mom, facing sexual and reproductive health issues (such as unexpected pregnancy, sexual violence, relationship problems), would further increase the long-term loneliness of our young women & girls, and negatively affect their mental health.

It is never easy to deal with loneliness & promote well-being in vulnerable situations. That’s why Teen’s Key & our community partners join hands to kick off a series of SELF-CARE practices WITH our young women & girls, FOR our at-risk young women & girls! It’s going to be a holistic approach to mental health integrates the needs of the body, mind, and soul when examining mental health issues and helping our at-risk young women & girls to work through their psychological challenges. Support

Lee Gardens Crafty! | Charity Workshops @ Jun 11-12

This year, Lee Gardens Association teams up with Hysan and JupYeah again, to present the clothing swap party in our Lee Gardens community! Don’t miss their series of charity workshops same time, all workshop enrollment fees will be donated to Teen’s Key Hong Kong. Apply Now

Unboxing Pandoras | Cross-line Interactive Exhibition

In collaboration with Kiki Ng, the creator of Pandoras Box, we interviewed the life stories of 9 women under the theme of “Bound” (「囿」), and told the important moments of their lives with “clothes(「衣裳」)”, IG posts and songs of “Paper Dolls”(「紙公仔」). In addition to entering into the diverse female experience through offline/online clues, we also invite viewers to participate together, creating with “paper dolls”, extending their stories or constructing their own stories. Join Free

“1 out of 4 high risk young women & girls feeling lonely and losing appetite all the time”
Link is coppied