29 July 2022

‘I’m Okay?’ Exhibition

Time: July 19-29, 2022
Venue: The Wild Lot Gallery, Sheung Wan

Teen’s Key was very happy to have partnered with wind-area, and co-curated the ‘I’m Okay?’ Art Exhibition with 3 talented local Hong Kong artists – CaxtonCax, Celine Ka Wing Lau & Dreamwalking Girl. The event was held from 18 to 29 July 2022. It included two exclusive Teen’s Key sharing sessions on 21, 22 and a Teen’s Key Girls exclusive session on 28 July, in Sheung Wan (the WildLot).

“Stereotypes tell us that girls are too old to be single, too fat to dress nicely, girls should not be too aggressive, outspoken etc. Girls are always born with many shackles; this is right and that is wrong. It is often determined by others that you are okay or not.”

Teen’s Key Hong Kong

The three artists entered the girls’ minds, hoping to break the world’s vision with their works, reminding the girls need not to please the world, that is to turn happiness, sadness, doubt and fear into their own poems.

Tell yourself honestly, are you really okay or not okay!

During the girls’ sharing session, we introduced two stories of our girls; one is an 18-year-old student and another is a 25-year-old who has been working for a while. Though they have different experiences, their stories make us think: What does it mean to be okay? To be financially stable? Or to be emotionally satisfied? Perhaps what you think is not okay is already okay for her. The line between yes and no was never that clear anyway. We are happy that all participants could listen to the girls’ stories with a non-judgemental attitude and we hope that everyone can continue to think about the definition of “being okay”. It is hoped that the exhibition would provide the community with a new perspective on these young ‘life fighters’.

A portion of sales at this exhibition will be donated to Teen’s Key Hong Kong to provide a safe space where young women can exercise their endless creativity and realize their potential. We hope the community will listen to each of girl’s stories patiently. What they need are opportunities. Let’s support them!

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