25 October 2022

Teen’s Key Year End Fundraise – Unlock New Beginnings!

“Growing up in a place of abuse, I struggle with the notion that I can hate a person I love or love a person I hate. I never truly understood what love and hope was until I completed the 18 months life-enrichment programs. Thank you Teen’s Key for providing a safe space & financial aid to lessen my living burden. - Ceci, 19”


The United Nations has officially observed 25th November as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. To support the cause, Teen’s Key initiates the year-end fundraising campaign, and invites you all to participate! At-risk marginalized young women & teen girls (aged around 13 to 25) are the major beneficiaries of Teen’s Key, they are in critical need of guidance and support that may become a great benefit for their futures. Although women’s rights have become an extensive discussion worldwide, however, we deem that certain marginalized groups of women are nevertheless in a deficit of seeking help in our societies. In order, Teen’s Key wishes to bring attention to these underprivileged groups of young women & girls by responding to this Orange the World campaign.

                  Icon by Karen Chan Ka Lun 

We desire to fundraise for $600,000 Hong Kong dollars to sustain our young women empowerment projects:

  • To develop Young Women Fellowship, provide holistic and in-depth support including empowerment workshops & pre-post professional counselling services followup for girls who are at high-risk situations physically and emotionally;
  • To provide internship opportunities and emergency living grants for girls who are in desperate need of financial support to survive;
  • To adpot technological advancement (ed-tech) to enhance the reach and quality of our sex education programmes while at the same time to strengthen our outreach in schools for delivering proper information to teaching staffs and students on sexuality education;
  • To guarantee the well-being of frontline colleagues so as to ensure high quality and sustainable 24/7 services to immediate crises

To show our gratitude towards your generous support for young women at risk, we will give out gifts to donors as a token of appreciation! To continue our work for more young women and girls in the haze, we need your support. Act Now!

List of gifts:
– Donations of more than $800 Hong Kong dollars from an individual entity will be given one Limited Edition xmas candle from Diptyque or ChanKaLun X Teen’s Key tote bag.

Points to note:
1. Gifts will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis;
2. The color and style of ChanKaLun X Teen’s Key tote bag and Diptyque’s candle will be randomly distributed;
3. Our staff will contact you separately to arrange the collection of gifts.

Cover photo’s illustration by @motion_lori

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