30 June 2022

Teen’s Key June Newsletter

‘Keys to Success’ Donation Programme

The ‘Keys to Success’ Financial Support Scheme is a programme sponsored by 3 Wells Watch that provides emergency economic support to our young women and their families. We talked to a representative of 3 Wells Watch, Heide, about why she established the programme.

Through the programme, financial aid is provided to low-income families, such as single mothers with young children or girls struggling to finance their studies and daily needs. Aid is provided to ten recipients for a period of three months, sponsored by 3 Wells Watch, while Teen’s Key provide social welfare follow-up support in hopes to guide the recipient to spend the funds wisely.

When asked about the main aim of the programme, Heide highlighted existing services in Hong Kong. She states that while “there are many charities and government programs in Hong Kong that provide aid such as food vouchers, food drives and anti-pandemic packages”, “direct cash can help low-income families in different ways such as helping with rent, bills, and even paying for extra lessons and education”. As a result, Keys to Success fills in the gap that other programmes providing aid cannot address.

To learn more about Keys to Success and Heide’s inspiration to develop the programme, read more here.

Call for Healthcare and Medical Care Support

Pelvic floor dysfunction is a common effect of pregnancy. A recent survey with our girls revealed that among the percentage who encountered symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, 95% of them did not receive treatment and did not see an improvement in their condition. Furthermore, approximately 65% of girls experienced symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction like urine leakage, stomach pain and back pain.

Among the girls that participated in the survey, most of them were not receiving any social welfare and 75% of them have a personal or combined income of $20000 a month. It may be difficult for them to address their healthcare needs, particularly those pertaining to pelvic floor dysfunction which is rather common as shown by the survey results. In light of the current situation and other general health needs of our girls, we call for skill-based volunteers such as gynecologists, dermatologists and venereologists. Teen’s Key believes that sexual reproductive health matters and every girl deserves access to such services. Email us at info@teenskey.org if you have these skills and are passionate about providing healthcare to our girls!

Unlock New Beginnings: Recent Events

Teen’s Key is excited to recap and share with you some events in the past month, in which the proceeds are going to the development of our Jordan service hub.


Lee Gardens Association also partnered with Hysan and JupYeah again for SWAPARTY 2022 with Teen’s Key as the sole beneficiary. Participants swapped old clothing for fashionable new items and joined a variety of upcycling workshops. All of the workshop enrollment fees and proceeds were donated to Teen’s Key, and some of our girls also had the opportunity to work as helpers in the event. Thank you again for supporting our girls! Learn More.

Tea Launch Party @ Tea Project HK

We also had the opportunity to share about Teen’s Key at Tea Project HK’s tea launch party, where a part of the proceeds from products sold on the first day was donated to Teen’s Key.

We are very thankful as the beneficiary of the tea launch party! Learn More.

Rising Stars Charity Concert

We were grateful to have been the beneficiary of the Rising Stars Charity Concert with many students passionate about music. We are always glad to see talented young musicians performing for a good cause!

“Call for Support: 65% of girls experienced symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction like urine leakage, stomach pain and back pain.”
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