Handmade Massage Candles™

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Expressed own feelings, unleashing the potential inner-self – limited hand-made Bamboo Massage Candles™

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Product Story

Handmade by Teen’s Key girls, limited edition Bamboo Massage Candles™ production was led by enid.scents, an award-winning conscious lifestyle brand founded by UK IFA/ US NAHA certified aromatherapists Hilary Tse, Jamie Lee and Tiffany Mak and aromatherapist Fanny Chan. Teen’s Key Girls are fully devoted to this fundraising project – from scent selection, wax mixing, packaging to selecting cheering notes for each candle. Teen’s Key girls and enid.scents are committed to supporting young women. 

All massage candles are contained in natural bamboo while no artificial/harmful chemicals nor plastics are used in the process. Warm melted wax can be used to massage the skin, which is perfect for relaxing the body, mind at the same time. ‘When we look into the girls’ eyes, we can see hope.’ enid.scents believes that every young woman deserves access to services and support. ‘New Beginnings’ means that every day and every moment is a new beginning. Our present and future are not defined by our past, each individual has the ability to unlock their inner potential and create a harmonious community.

Like Teen’s Key girls, they explore the inner potential of themselves and create a scent that is exclusive to their relationship with Teen’s Key through the creation of hand-made candles. What’s your impression of Teen’s Key? “When you feel uneasy, you naturally want to find a warm place to stay, a place warm like Teen’s Key.” Teen’s Key girl Cyan described. The girls eventually picked relaxing Benzoin, romantic Rosewood, warm Orange Blood, light and refreshing Pomelo to represent Teen’s Key in their heart. In addition, each candle is equipped with an empowering note with words that share gratitude towards life. Through this hand-made project, all the girls expressed their own feelings by protecting the environment and unleashing the potential inner-self together. 

Additional Information

The 4 handcrafted massage candles include:

1/ Citrus Dream  – Lemon Green, Pomelo, Rosewood, Benzoin

2/ Secret Garden – Orange Blood, Pomelo, Petitgrain ,Benzoin

3/ Small Joys – Orange Blood, Pomelo, Rosewood, Benzoin

4/ Better Life –  Orange Blood, Lily Absolute, Petitgrain, Frangipani Absolute



Each candle 100g±5% ∙ 35-40hrs*

*estimated burn time, subject to the amount used for massaging one of a kind, every natural bamboo container varies slightly


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