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First time since Teen’s Key ‘met’ Playful Socks in Christmas 2020, Playful Socks is joining Teen’s Key young women & girls charity merchandise this time. Selected by Teen’s Key Girls, Playful socks have brought to us a series of playful flower socks, hoping to break the dull impression of daily outfit. They wish everyone can dress up with a little delight in personalized style and to add a little taste of life from the fast-pace routine – to enjoy a new beginning everyday.


Teen’s Key’s direct support for young women to get them back on track is inspiring and meaningful to Playful Socks. ‘New beginnings’ is like a new goal full of light and hope to them. They hope the socks can encourage people to be themselves naturally, just like the motto of Playful Socks “whatever it takes” – they hope everyone is brave enough to continue what they are doing.


About the brand:

Playful Socks uses more than 70% high-quality combed cotton as the main material to make the socks softer and more comfortable. They believe that many of our moods have been affected while we were out on the street due to loose socks. Playful Socks understands the pain that they specially put on the elastic band on the socks, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of looseness and let everyone enjoy the playfulness.

Additional Information


S size (E.U Shoe size 35-40, U.K. Shoe size 2.5-6, U.S Shoe size 5-8.5) 

L size (E.U Shoe size 41-46, U.K. Shoe size 6.5-11.5, U.S Shoe size 9-13)



78% Cotton, 19% Polyester, 3% Nylon / Spandex


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